2017: Reflections on Enough

Hello world! This is Roan (Tyrone). It’s been four years since we’ve posted anything here, but I’ve been reflecting on Enough because I was recently interviewed by Sarah Mirk on Bitch’s Popaganda podcast about this project, and about talking about money and giving away money and my “money feelings” and a little bit about what’s happened in my life since I last made any updates here. She sent me the full version of our interview, and it seemed appropriate to post some of it on Enough. Here’s a longer version of the interview that aired as part of the Popaganda episode on “Money Feelings”. I don’t know if it’s interesting to other people to hear this stuff, but I still always love listening to other people talk about on their relationship to money and capitalism, plus it was fun to reflect on Enough.

If you want to hear the full, edited podcast with less of me and more of other smart people, it’s here.

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