The following articles explore many different topics related to class, capitalism, and redistribution. We welcome your comments, and your submissions!

Zeph’s Story by Zeph Fishlyn

Community Reparations Now! Tyrone Boucher and Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia Talk Revolutionary Giving, Class, Privilege, and More

The Practice of Freedom: A History of the Self Education Foundation by Jessica Hoffmann

the dirty details of my new salary by dean spade

Interview with Jason Lydon

What I Gave and Where I Gave It by Roan Boucher

Letter to my dad about giving away money by Roan Boucher

Enough in a college course by Andrew Willis Garcés

Notes on Militancy, Privilege, and Guilt by Roan Boucher

Reflections from a Homeownersexual by Ezra B. Nepon

Notes from New Orleans by Roan Boucher

Notes from a wealth redistribution consciousness-raising dinner party by Jess and Dean

Letters about Poverty by Lis Goldschmidt, Dean Spade, and Pascal Emmer

Can You Hear Me Now? By Colby Lenz and Dean Spade

Poverty Scholarship by Tiny a.k.a. Lisa Gray-Garcia

Privilege and Solidarity Zine by Roan Boucher

Some Considerations for Anti-Racist Educators by Sailor Holladay

The Suspension of Fear by Matt Dineen and Sailor Holladay

Critical Desire by Dean Spade

More than Enough: Precarious Lives, “Mere” Survival, and Abundant Joy by Kriti Sharma

Privileged with Cancer by Libby Goldberg

Enough: Questions by Jessica Hoffmann

Accumulations vs. Redistribution by Holmes Hummel

Buy One, Get One. Free. By Alexis Pauline Gumbs