Call for Submissions

Please consider submitting a piece for Enough! If you have experiences, thoughts, or observations that relate to these issues, we’d love to hear about it. There are no limits to the topics you could write about, but here are some examples of the kinds of things we’re looking for:

  • Pieces about how your class position has changed over the course of your life, and how that has affected feelings of responsibility about wealth redistribution.
  • Stories about cool methods of figuring out what is “enough” when it comes to making/saving money. How do class background, class conditioning, fear, guilt, and other factors influence how you think about this question? How do you figure out what you need versus what you want when it comes to consuming?
  • Examples of (or ideas for) community-based support systems that serve as alternatives to individualistic models of taking care of ourselves.
  • Strategies for redistributing wealth in your community, or to support social justice work.
  • Discussion of how ideas about wealth, security, and scarcity get reproduced in families.
  • Diatribes on the politics of inheritance.
  • Discussions of professionalism and salaries.
  • Exciting models of people dealing with money ethically in activist spaces and organizations.
  • Strategies for overcoming immobilizing guilt about class or money.
  • Anti-capitalist/anti-racist/anti-imperialist analysis of personal choices about saving for retirement, buying real estate, taking certain jobs, supporting our community, etc.
  • Diagnostic worksheets to help people figure out any of the following:
    • My place in the economy (local, domestic, global)
    • Am I rich?
    • What sources of security do I have that I may not be aware of?
    • How do I know if I need something or just want it?
    • What are my resources besides money?

Please email us if you have an idea you’d like to write about, a resource you think we should know about, existing writing you think we should post in this conversation. Your piece can be short or long, written in any style.